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We have found it very difficult to find information on cell phone numbers. Since there is no "cell phone book" that lists phone numbers of every cell phone user it makes it time consuming and expensive to find the owner name of a cell number.
Pretty much the only way to find this information is to use websites online that have this information. These websites get information on mobile phone numbers many different ways. Some are more accurate than others and some are more expensive than others. It all depends on how that website gets its data and how many cell phone lookups (volume) that website performs. One of the ways that these websites get data is through public records.
There are public record data providers out there that sell their data to the cell phone number lookup websites. That's why if the website does a lot of volume they may get the data cheaper and thus pass those savings onto the end user (you). Another way that these websites get cell phone number data is to have the end user submit their information.
These type of sites are called "opt-in" websites because the users are opt-ing in to their database and submitting their own information to be searched by other people. These websites are obviously not as accurate but are much more in-expensive.
Below we researched many different websites that have information on cell numbers and allow users to lookup this data. We decide not to list the top 10 but to list the top 3 (10 is too many to choose from in our opinion). Some factors we considered when rating the sites is data accuracy, price, customer service, useablity, etc.

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Reverse phone lookups can be useful when you want to know who called, what the phone number you wrote down last week was for, or to find out who that annoying telemarketer is that keeps calling you


The greatest advantage lies in sharing all avaiable information on a fraudulent number and, thereby, warning the people of looming dangers before they even lift the receiver